Pawzitively Polite
Animal Behaviour Consulting and Training

    Natasha has been working with animals since she was quite young. Her enjoyment of animal training began with her first horse at the age of 10. She then trained her pet German Shepherd in basic obedience. When she went to university she continued training dogs for the annual open house at the university which found her training dogs that people claimed were "untrainable". During and after her university career Natasha had the privilege of working with primates which she trained to cooperate with various medical procedures.    

     The advantage that Natasha has over most animal trainers is her education. She has a BSc in Animal Biology that has given her a wealth of knowledge about animals in general including their biology, physiology and nutritional requirements. During her undergraduate studies she also took psychology courses in the theory of animal training. Her education did not end with a BSc; she continued her learning career with an MSc in Animal Behaviour and Welfare also at the University of Guelph. Her education has given her a solid theoretical foundation that allows her to successfully adapt "traditional" training methods to achieve any physically possible goal in animal training.  

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